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Primal Flamingo Socks

Primal Flamingo Socks

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Everyone loves a bit of fun right?  You can now match your Perry eHopper with a lovely pair of Primal Flamingo Socks.

Advanced Air Transfer System Fabric Composition of 70% Cotton, 10% Polyester, and 20% PU.

Sizing SM/MD - 4-7 UK

Sizing LG/XL - 7.5 -12 UK

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  • 250Watt Hub motor
  • Delivering speeds of up to 25kph
  • 40Nm's of torque for chellanging climbs
  • Hidden seatpost lithium batteries
  • Providing up to 50 Km's range
  • Charged in under 3 hours
  • Super light easy fold
  • 5 Easy moves
  • Folds in under 10 seconds